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Cow Crag Update, June 2022

By June 13, 2022June 27th, 2022One Comment

Outlined below are our current guidelines for accessing Cow Crag.

There are ongoing discussions regarding a dispute about property boundaries. In the meantime, the direct access trail (blue line) is CLOSED as it runs through private property.

Currently, access is via the clear-cut trail (purple line). This route is less convenient and a little longer at about one kilometre, and we appreciate your understanding.

When parking, ensure you respect the No Parking signs at the turnaround – cars which are parked illegally here cause problems for tractors and larger vehicles using the turnaround circle.  Additionally, make sure to park on the shoulder, ensuring that your tires are completely off the road.

Discussions to sort out the boundaries are ongoing, and we will keep you posted on developments.
If you experience issues or have information to share, please contact us.

Cow Crag Access and Parking

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