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Land Manager Testimonials

The OAC has built strong relationships with a number of Land Managers within Ontario to promote, manage and steward rock climbing within the province.  See below for a few comments from key stakeholders from Bruce Peninsula National Park, the Niagara Parks Commission, Conservation Halton and Grey Sauble Conservation Authority.

Bruce Peninsula National Park

“The Ontario Alliance of Climbers (OAC) has worked closely with us to reopen bouldering at Halfway Log Dump in Bruce Peninsula National Park. Using the ‘Recreational Activity Assessment Process’, together we developed a plan that has resulted in a great bouldering opportunity for the climbing community, and helps meet our national park objectives to provide memorable experiences that support the protection of the park. The OAC have been responsive and accommodating. They are ambassadors for the sport and for the national park.  We look forward to our continued partnership.”

Frank Burrows, Park Superintendent

Niagara Parks Commission

“The OAC has provided the Niagara Parks Commission with an essential link to the bouldering community which has allowed us to provide sustainable bouldering opportunities within the Niagara Glen. Regular consultation with OAC members has provided NPC staff with invaluable information about bouldering issues and concerns within the Niagara Glen and throughout Southern Ontario. Without the support of the OAC, the bouldering program within the Niagara Glen would not have achieved the success that it is today.”

Corey Burant, Project Manager, Forest Health

Conservation Halton

“The OAC and Conservation Halton have been working together for over 15 years… The partnership has been great!”

“The OAC promotes ethical access and safe practices which align with Conservation Halton. They are quick to provide expertise and unbiased feedback.  Even when they may not agree with a decision made by Conservation Halton, they help us communicate with the climbing community… to help soften the message. They have assisted our Ecology staff in assessing where climbing occurs and if closures are required to protect the natural environment. They help us enforce and educate on “no climb areas”.  They assist in development of emergency response procedures.”

Craig Machan, Director, Parks & Operations

Grey Sauble Conservation Authority

“…A work party has been scheduled with volunteers from the climbing community to replace some of the aging bolts along the climbing routes.  This ongoing project is being carried out to assist with improving safety along the climbing routes…”

Chris Hachey, Land Management Coordinator