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The Ontario Alliance of Climbers relies on generous individuals and corporate partners to retain access to our rock climbing areas.  On October 18, 2023, the OAC Board of Directors voted to implement an Annual Membership plan for the organization beginning February 1, 2024.  As part of this change, all existing lifetime members will be asked to convert to an Annual Membership beginning February 1, 2024, at a cost of $20 per year.

Please contact for any inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is changing for OAC memberships?

All existing lifetime members will be asked to convert to an Annual Membership beginning February 1, 2024, at a cost of $20 per year.

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Why are you making this change now?

The OAC’s previous $5 lifetime membership was not conducive to the stability of the organization, as it created an overreliance on corporate donors and infrequent personal donations. Moving to an Annual Membership model will help create a steady cash flow to fund regular OAC operations and activities, and allow the OAC to invest more in new projects that support Ontario climbing access.

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How will this help the Ontario climbing community?

Projects such as the Climb in Parks campaign to restore climbing access at Devil’s Glen have shown the value the OAC provides to the climbing community, and steady funds will allow the OAC to do more to retain and expand access to climbing in the province.  Your Annual Membership fee is an investment in outdoor climbing in Ontario and the organization that stewards that access.

Your contribution would be directed towards operating expenses such as events, insurance and technology costs.  Funds would also cover special projects such as access infrastructure, land surveys and rebolting projects. Operating costs fluctuate based on the OAC’s book of work, and in future may also include the hiring of part-time staff, advocacy efforts, or stipends for key volunteers (e.g. Event Project Managers).

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How does this impact my current membership?

An existing member that chooses not to convert to an Annual Membership will be deemed an Inactive Member. All Annual Members become Inactive Members after the term of their membership expires. Active Annual Members and Inactive Members will retain the same voting rights and responsibilities within the OAC.

Any existing OAC member who registered between June 1, 2023, and January 31, 2024, will be granted a free Annual Membership in 2024 from the date of their registration.

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How can I contribute?

Please click here to register for your annual membership.

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When will this transition happen?

This transition will occur as of February 1st, 2024.

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Why $20?

In 2023, we conducted a thorough review of Local Climbing Organizations (LCOs) across Canada and the US in advance of making this change. The OAC was one of only two LCOs in Canada that offered a lifetime membership and the vast majority of LCOs charged around $20. Also, $20 is roughly the average price of a day pass in one of Ontario’s 50+ indoor climbing gyms.

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What if I want to give more than $20?

If you would like to give more than $20 for your annual membership, you will be provided with the option to do so when you register.  We are incredibly appreciative of all your financial support – whether that’s $20, $200 or $2,000.

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Can I opt-out of the auto-renewal of my Annual Membership?

Yes.  Auto-renewal of membership dues allows the OAC to better plan and make decisions around our ongoing expenses. However, if you would like to opt-out you will be able to do so at the time of registration.

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Do I get any perks with an Annual Membership?

There are no supplementary benefits currently being provided to Annual Members at this time, though we will be exploring this model in 2024. Advocacy work takes significant time, effort and money; if you are currently climbing outdoors in Ontario, you have already likely reaped some benefit from the OAC’s involvement. Contributing as an Annual Member is an easy way to give back financially to support the OAC’s ongoing and future projects.

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