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Understanding the OAC

The OAC needs your help to keep climbing areas open. You can do this by joining the OAC, practicing good outdoor etiquette, demonstrating an awareness of access issues, and showing kindness towards all user groups.

What does the OAC do?

The OAC is a multi-faceted organization that works to gain access for all to outdoor climbing. We achieve this by:

Building formal relationships with landowners and land managers to initiate land use negotiations

Educating climbers on the importance of responsible outdoor recreation practices and their role in preserving outdoor climbing access

Representing the Ontario climbing community in negotiations with landowners and land managers

Creating and delivering accessible information to climbers about environmental and liability concerns, and rules and regulations of landowners

Providing expertise and guidance in land management planning

Why do we need the OAC?

To unite land management and climbing parties to create a community of mutual respect

To keep climbers informed about local access issues with the Ontario climbing community

To explore and negotiate opportunities for obtaining access to new or closed climbing areas in Ontario

To educate climbers on how to reduce their impact on the natural environment so they can do their part to help maintain access

To educate landowners, conservation authorities, and property managers on current climbing practices

To inform Ontario tourism stakeholders on economic impact of climbing in designated areas

Being respectful of the land and others not only makes you a better climber, it also helps establish good relations between land managers, local communities, and our climbing community.