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Lion’s Head—Tour Guide

By August 5, 2016No Comments

Only one of you has been here before? That person was so thoughtful to bring everyone along on this cool outing.

Oh, this is a few folks’ first time to the area? Well, Tony and Randy have rappelled before and I’m sure all of you can lead… Wait, do you all know how to ascend a fixed line? What about self rescue? Ok… I’m sure the most experienced climber will take time out from their proj to teach everyone how to safely ascend a fixed line when the weather changes, build anchors for everyone, and haul Suzie up the side of a cliff when she realizes she’s forgotten her epipen after climbing too close to that beehive. That guy knows how to do it all right? He went on a few road trips and climbs 5.12 so he must know what’s up. It is a really great idea to go the bottom of a big cliff with them. What could possibly go wrong?

If you don’t have the experience to go, get it before you go. Lion’s Head is not the place to learn. Can’t lead climb, set anchors, clean, rap, ascend a fixed line, self-rescue and communicate without talking (no really, for real, the wind can get super loud)? You need to learn this BEFORE you head to Lion’s Head.

Photo credit: Garry Knight @ Flickr, CC-BY-2.0.