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Lion's Head – Dirtbagger Wanted Fined and Alive

By July 22, 2016No Comments


Climber with their vehicle/tent in the Bruce Trail parking lot/farmer’s field charged with jeopardizing access. This individual can’t take the time to help maintain access to the crag they are visiting.

What he doesn’t know is that “dirtbagging” on the Bruce is actually called something else by the locals – trespassing. It’s illegal. When the OPP visit him at 3am, fines him, and he finds himself driving back home, he will remember this post. He will say to himself, “Why didn’t I just visit and book a place? I would have been helping access by bringing in tourism dollars instead of being selfish and cheap.”

If you see a dirtbagger around Lion’s Head kindly remind them that their actions actually affect you and the greater climbing community. Tell them to check out and find a real place to stay.

P.S. Don’t sneak rocks in their backpack either.

Arrange accommodations ahead of time before coming to the Bruce Peninsula. This is a busy tourist area in the summer and dirtbagging is not welcome here. Get a campsite, dirtbag, this isn’t the Valley.

Note: this post has been edited for tone, and we have removed the picture at the request of the person featured in it.