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Crag Status

Niagara Region: Niagara Glen

To view our Crag Difficulty Ratings Document to determine an appropriate place to recreate, Click Here

Access Status

  • Open with Guidelines

Land Manager

  • Niagara Parks Commission

Type of Climbing

  • Bouldering


  • Bouldering guidelines, waiver and fee in effect; see details here and guidelines here (PDF).

    Download waiver here (PDF). Waivers must be completed, signed and returned to the Nature Centre or the Butterfly Conservatory for verification. Please have photo ID when submitting your waiver.

    Roped climbing is NOT permitted.

    Climbing in the Sandstone Cave and the Happy Boulders is CLOSED.

    Free Niagara Glen bouldering guide available at (PDF).

    Guides available for purchase: 2014 guide, 2018 guide.

    Wide range of grades available.


  • Boulding permit fee; paid parking in effect.


Last Updated

  • 22/05/2023

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Crag Status Legend
Open: Area allows climbing. Enjoy responsibly.
Open With Guidelines: Area allows climbing, with restrictions. Learn, practice and share the guidelines. Buy permit if applicable.
Tolerated: Climbing access not formally permitted, but informally accepted. Tread lightly.
Closed: Climbing not permitted in this area at this time.
Unknown: If you know about access to this area, please share with us.
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