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Kolapore Uplands Update

By June 11, 2013No Comments

On March 23, the OAC was invited to join an open discussion held by the Kolapore Wilderness Trails Association in Clarksburg. The topic of conversation related to the Kolapore Uplands and related trail usage. Present at the event were representatives from various user groups including cross country skiing, mountain biking, hiking and nature enthusiasts. This meeting presented the OAC with an opportunity to reach out to other user groups in order to dispel misinformation about and share the reality of climbing related environmental impact.

The Kolapore Uplands is made up of numerous parcels of land, owned or managed by various governmental agencies and private individuals. This event was also an opportunity for the OAC to network with all relevant stakeholders to better understand the potential role of and/or impact on the Ontario Climbing Community.

The Kolapore Uplands trails are used, at least in part, as the primary route of access to the climbing area known as The Swamp. The OAC recognizes that Kolapore trails are used by multiple user groups and respects the other users’ rights as equal to its own. Please be courteous to all other user groups while visiting the area. A “best practices” while traveling the trails of the Kolapore Uplands is being designed by the Kolapore Wilderness Trails Association. Information will be posted as it becomes available.

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