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OAC Volunteer Coordinator

Managing volunteers to help the OAC achieve its goals.

Want to volunteer?

Time commitment: 3 hours/week

Position summary: Act as the point of contact between volunteers and the board of directors/other stakeholders, and help manage volunteer-based projects and events.

  • Train volunteers and keep track of them in the OAC’s database;
  • Project-manage volunteer projects (maintain project and/or event schedules, answer volunteer questions, ensure volunteers have resources they need to complete their projects);
  • Work with other volunteers and board of directors to help the organization run smoothly;
  • Work with the board of directors to assess organization’s volunteer recruitment;
  • Attend/help run volunteer meetings;
  • Help organize volunteer appreciation night.

You have:

  • A passion for working with people;
  • Experience with or a desire to manage people, schedules and projects;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • An insatiable appetite to complete self-directed projects;
  • Patience and persistence.

By working with us you get:

  • The opportunity to strengthen people management and project coordination skills;
  • The satisfaction of contributing to the Ontario climbing community;
  • Incredible experience working with a team of passionate volunteers;
  • Valuable management experience and a work reference; and,
  • A volunteer appreciation night.

Please email the OAC Board at to apply.