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Beta for Niagara Glen Parking [updated for 2023]

By May 23, 2017December 14th, 2022No Comments

The Niagara Parks Commission has announced its parking fees for 2023. These fees apply to all parks users arriving by car.

Boulderers who are climbing at the Niagara Glen need a climbing permit, which can be obtained at the Butterfly Conservatory. This climbing permit costs $45 per year or $23 for a daily pass. Holders of a climbing permit also receive a parking permit (which would normally cost $50 for the year or $30 for a daily pass), which is valid for two license plates. Permits can be purchased on-line here: Niagara Falls | Bouldering in Nature at Niagara Glen (

We encourage climbers to demonstrate stewardship of this unique natural area and to apply Leave No Trace principles at the crag. More details about the cleanup will be coming tomorrow.

Niagara Parks has been a valued partner of the Ontario Alliance of Climbers; our strong relationship has helped keep the Glen open despite access challenges caused by the its popularity.

Niagara Parks maintains a webpage about Travelling to and around Niagara Parks.