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Lion's Head: Rapping from Trees

By September 1, 2016No Comments

Tree Sawing is for Lumberjacks, not for ClimbersAttention Lion’s Head Climbers!!

Ropes MUST NOT BE PULLED from trees. Bark is sensitive, and crucial to protecting the tree from the elements and bugs. Please protect the trees at Lion’s Head as environmental damage could impact our access to climbing.

The OAC strongly recommends using the descent gully while climbing at Lion’s Head. If you must rappel, set up a fixed line and protect the tree with a towel, foam pad or similar item. The use of flat webbing is better at distributing force along a larger area and causes less impact on the tree. Using webbing will also save your rope from sap, dirt and debris.

Please let your climber friends know the sensitivities surrounding pulling ropes off of tree (at Lion’s Head and beyond). Feel free to get in touch with the OAC with any questions.

Photo credit: US Department of Agriculture, CC-BY-2.0