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Lion’s Head – The Wolfpack

By August 11, 2016No Comments

004-wolfpacks You know what makes a cliff great on an awesome day? Climbing with a big group of friends. More than four makes the pack complete. Yeah, nature’s quiet and solitude are cool, but we only get out here together once a year so we really don’t feel like climbing in pairs. It’s just easier to take over a whole bunch of routes in one area so that other climbers can’t intrude on The Wolfpack! I know, breaking large groups up into small groups is better for access, but since we all climb together at the gym, I can’t really imagine us climbing apart. Sorry, other climbers, you will just need to deal with the Wolfpack – “Wolfpack for Life”.

Climbing in large groups causes issues ranging from excessive noise to greater impact on unique terrain like ledges and steep scree. Climb with a partner, break larger groups up across the crag, and get a ninja badge.

Photo by Doug Smith –, Public Domain,

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