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Lion's Head Best Practices

By July 28, 2016No Comments

An important message from a community member, Mike Penney. Please read before visiting Lion’s Head this┬álong weekend.

Climber Friends,

If you’re thinking of visiting Lion’s Head this long weekend, please follow the Lion’s Head Best Practices below. Let’s pull together and collectively work to save this precious resource.

Lion’s Head Best Practices:
– Please do not tailgate on Moore Street or in the Bruce parking lot.
– Please arrive at the trailhead organized. Grab your stuff, fist bump your friends and quietly head in for an awesome day of climbing.
– SMILE and say hello to anyone walking, running or biking on Moore Street. Chances are they are local cottagers unsure about climbers.
– Slow down when driving on Moore Street… You’ll get there… I promise.
– Do not bushwhack. Use only the main trail.
– When speaking to locals in town, if climbing comes up, stress that climbing is very safe when performed properly and responsibly. As a group we look out for each other and our #1 priority is taking care of our community and staying safe.
– Pick up any garbage along the trail – both at the top and bottom of the cliff
– Learn how to go to the bathroom in the woods. Bury your waste and leave no trace (or, better yet, go before you get there!).
– If you’re going to sleep in your car/van, do your research. There are plenty of areas to park minutes OUTSIDE the town on Crown land.
– If you arrive in a large group, split up and swap partners periodically. You’ll get more done in pairs anyway.
– Stay Safe. Accidents happen, but not at LH! Be diligent, help others and leave your ego at the trailhead.
– If you see anyone conducting destructive behavior, please speak up and let them know they are endangering future climbing access
– If you see anyone from MNR, NEC or the Park, please let the OAC know ( and in turn refer them to the OAC should they have any questions.
– Have fun!