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Volunteer with the OAC

By February 18, 2014No Comments

Spring is always closer than you think. It’ll be time to put away the ice tools and get ready for the rock!

In the meantime, the OAC is looking to expand its team of dedicated volunteers working towards improved access to crags. Here are some of the roles that we are looking to fill.

Event Coordinator: Crag Ambassador Day at Conservation Halton

Our annual Crag Ambassador Day is coming up in early May. OAC volunteers will continue our commitment to help fight off the invasion of Garlic Mustard. The OAC will provide a BBQ and the rocks will be there for climbing in the afternoon.

This event, run by the OAC and Conservation Halton, improves climbers’ visibility at some of our most popular crags. The OAC is looking for you, an enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer, to lead the organization of this event. This role is great for anyone looking to build their resume and will require an estimated 24 hours effort prior to and including the event.

Volunteer Coordinator

We are also looking for someone to coordinate volunteers’ efforts. This person would develop a volunteer recruitment plan, identify and engage potential volunteers, track volunteer contributions, and generally support the efforts of our volunteers.

Apply Now!

We’d love to have you on our team by March 7. Write to us with your interests and skills (either for the above two positions, or any other task that you might be interested in) at Together, we’ll figure out how you can best help.

Also, while we have your attention: Please fill out the 2013 OAC Climbers’ Survey (click here)!