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Crag Access status update

By September 21, 2011No Comments

The Crag Access list download document has been updated with the latest access information. You can download the detailed pdf for full information here. 
The OAC researches and discusses climbing access directly with Park and Conservation staff, land owners, and other resource managers to provide the climbing community with the most accurate access information. The download includes updated access information for popular areas such as Lion’s Head, the Swamp, and Devil’s Glen amongst others.

Please note that while the webpage is being populated with the most current information, climbers should refer to the downloadable pdf document for info about Ontario’s crags and boulders during this time.  The careful reader may have also noticed that ice climbing areas have been removed from the list. A separate dedicated document is being developed to inform best practice for those that enjoy swinging tools into the frozen medium! Keep checking back – there’s more to come!