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Follow Up Study on the Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Outdoor Recreation Participation

By July 2, 2020No Comments

Brock University and ALIVE Outdoors have launched a follow up study to explore how Canadians have been impacted by the closure, and now reopening, of outdoor recreation areas. Study participants are asked to fill out a survey which takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and focuses on how outdoor recreation affects their physical, emotional and overall health. You may participate in this study regardless of whether or not you completed the Phase 1 survey.

This is an opportunity to provide land managers and outdoor recreation service providers with insight into how you feel about the reopening of these spaces, and what policies would need to be implemented for you to feel safe recreating outside.

The survey is only open until July 10th. If you have the time, please fill it out to ensure all outdoor recreationists are represented!

Link to survey: