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The Niagara Glen opens to bouldering

By June 12, 2020No Comments

The OAC is excited to announce that we just received official word from the Niagara Parks Commission – The Niagara Glen is officially open to bouldering!

All trails are open, excluding the Whirlpool trail, which is flooded at the moment. Niagara Parks buildings are still closed, therefore, bouldering permits can’t currently be purchased in person. However, you can purchase a permit online at:

The park has asked that climbers print their confirmation and keep it with them as their permit. You can also print off a second confirmation and put it on your dashboard to use as your parking pass.

In addition to following all regular park rules, we suggest climbers yield to hikers at all times. If padding a climb blocks a path or makes social distancing difficult, please avoid climbing that boulder. The park has mentioned the possibility of closing some boulders to better facilitate social distancing, so it’s up to us to be respectful and share the space to avoid having boulders closed.

Please remember to follow all Leave No Trace principles, and consider our guidelines for climbing responsibly during the ongoing pandemic.

Please enjoy responsibly! 

Guidelines for Climbing in a Pandemic Poster
A simplified version of our guidelines for climbing during the coronavirus pandemic.