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Discussion Series 2.0 at GRR Saturday November 23rd

By November 18, 2013No Comments

The Ontario Access Coalition is proud to host the second installment of our ‘Discussion Series’ on Saturday, November 23 at Grand River Rocks in Kitchener! This all-afternoon event will facilitate open discussions between climbers and land managers, with the goal of providing accurate, up-to-date information regarding climbing outdoors in Ontario.

As well, come witness a historic moment for Ontario climbing access. The OAC and MEC will be signing a contribution agreement confirming MEC’s intention to donate $100,000 towards the acquisition of land permitting access to Old Baldy, one of Ontario’s premier climbing areas!

Ask questions, socialize and climb, and learn more about climbing access from the OAC and land managers themselves. Also, learn more about local tri-city University climbing and bouldering clubs, competitions and world class Ontario climbing areas like the Niagara Glen. Discounted day passes, slideshows and fun gear giveaways from the OAC, MEC and Adventure Guide make this a great way to spend a Saturday in late November!

Join the discussion with the OAC this Saturday, November 23 from 2-6pm in Kitchener at Grand River Rocks and spread the word on by sharing the event with your climbing friends: