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Team effort to protect “The Swamp”

By August 7, 2013No Comments

The OAC and the MNR are looking to collaborate on a joint project towards the assessment the area known as “the Swamp”.   This assessment will consist of the following goals:

a) an assessment of natural heritage resources of the cliff and climbing staging areas. The goal is to have this assessment conducted by Masters level Academic Professionals.   Input from local climbers on specific climber use patterns and from Brock University Recreation and Leisure Studies program on recreation value will be provided by the OAC.

 b) Development of a plan for the ongoing management of climbing activities at “the Swamp” including maintenance, trails, signage, etc. to help ensure “Leave no trace” climbing practices are followed

 c) Creation of a research paper to help share the findings and success of the project and collaborative management practices

 The OAC and MNR look forward to working together closely on the project to ensure that the ongoing use of the area for rock climbing meets the natural heritage protection goals of the MNR while providing excellent opportunities for safe and leave no trace rock climbing.

Funds raised from the upcoming Beaver Valley Climbing Festival will be used to sponsor this project  (buy tickets HERE).  Thank you to the “Team” – The climbing community, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Brock University and The Beaver Valley Climbing Festival for making this project possible.