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Climbing Tourism in Bruce County

By June 24, 2013No Comments

On June 13 the OAC presented to The Bruce County Council, Agriculture  Tourism and Planning Committee with the goal of educating and gaining support from the local community for climbing in the county.  Bruce County contains all crags from Owen Sound to Tobermory including Lion’s Head, Cape Croker, Halfway Log Dump and others.

The OAC presentation shared with the council information on existing climbing tourism, environmental sustainability and the economic impact climbing has on local communities in the Bruce (thanks to those of you who complete our annual climber survey!).  The OAC requested the councils support in upcoming Ontario Parks management planning activities.  The Council voted in favour of working with the OAC to help ensure continued access to selected climbing areas in Bruce County.

Climbing at Lion’s Head, unknown to many climbers, is not formally permitted due the park’s current “Nature Reserve” classification, but is tolerated as a “non-conforming use” in the interim management plan. Lion’s Head is at significant risk of closure to climbing when the new Ontario Park’s Management plan is finalized.

Climbers are encouraged to adhere strictly to all posted user regulations, climb safely, follow ‘leave no trace’ practices and encourage all other visitors to do the same.


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