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Southern Ontario Ice Festival 2019 Terms and Conditions

Boots and Changes
SOIceFest and the OAC secures boots for beginner clinic registrants well in advance of the ‘Fest. It is very hard to get enough boots for everyone. We ask for your foot size when you register so that we can guarantee YOU boots (so long as you do not have extremely tiny or large feet). Sometimes things pop up and people need to give up their clinic spots etc. We get it.  If there is a change of boot size as a result of a change in the registrant, you can let us know – along with all the new details of the new registrant – by sending us a message on Facebook.  The new person will then be required to fill out this same registration form, read these terms and agree in order to participate. 
Howeverthe cut off date to notify us of boot size changes is January 10, 2019 at 5pm ESTAfter January 11, 2019only the boot size we have on file will be available/coming to the ‘Fest. As such, any changes after the cut-off daterequire the participant to secure their own boots compatible with front and rear toe bail crampons, and will be at the sole cost of the participant. Refunds etc. SOIceFest reserves sole discretion to issue refunds. In general, SOIceFest does not issue refunds. We run a tight ship, with substantial up front costs to run the non-profit event. If you can’t make it, need to bail etc. then it is up to you to fill your spot and coordinate any reimbursement (aka sell or give your spot to someone else).

Re-sale of Clinic Spots
Any hint, indication, notification or evidence that a clinic spot has been sold at an amount greater than the listed SOIceFest rate will result in a lifetime ban from all SOIceFest events. We mean it – don’t be that person.  

Clinic Liability
All clinic registrants will be required to sign waivers to participate in any clinic. Please ensure you bring valid, government-issued photo ID to the clinic. (Don’t worry we’ll supply the cold-weather pens 🙂 )