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OAC Approved Program

The OAC Approved Program highlights events and products that positively contribute to climbing access in Ontario.

Events and products that receive approval showcase the “OAC Approved” Seal to indicate that:

  • the event or product is aligned with the OAC’s Missions Statement and Code of Ethics; and,
  • the projects were created in collaboration with appropriate land managers/owners.

How To Apply

  1. Read the full program description.
  2. To take your first approval steps, send us an e-mail at
  3. Check back, as we’ll fill the bottom of this page with listings of events and products that are “OAC Approved”.

Approved Products and Events

Jesse Wong. Ontario Rock Climbing: The Best Of Southern Ontario.

“Ontario Rock Climbing leaves a lasting impression thanks to its unique spin on the modern guidebook, character, humour and wealth of photos. It reminds us all to chill out and have some fun!”

Gus Alexandropoulos and Justin Dwyer. Ontario Climbing: Volume 2, The Northern Escarpment.

“In addition to being a valuable resource for locating crags and climbs, Volume 2 fosters an appreciation for the history of climbing on the Northern Escarpment; highlights how lucky we are to enjoy such beautiful, natural places; and emphasizes respecting everyone’s outdoor experience — all aligned with the OAC’s goals.” — OAC Board

Joe Ho. Halfway Log Dump: A Bouldering Guide.

“In our view, this guidebook reflects the passion of the climbing community for Halfway Log Dump. The park recognizes the sustained efforts of the author in producing a guide that will promote positive stewardship at this treasured destination.” — OAC Board

Gus Alexandropoulos and Justin Dwyer. Ontario Climbing: Volume 1, The Southern Escarpment.

“In our opinion, this guide has gone above and beyond to further access awareness and positive informed behaviour at crags across Ontario.” — OAC Board