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OAC Committees

The Ontario Alliance of Climbers is always looking for volunteers to help us achieve our mission of ensuring access to climbing areas and educating climbers. One way of volunteering with the OAC is by serving on a committee. If you are available to help on an OAC committee, please email and we’ll be in touch.

Inward-Facing Committees

Finance & Legal

Oversee and manage overall OAC budget. Set priorities and manage requests for budget spending by other subcommittees. Ensure legal procedures required of the corporation are followed. 

Revenue Generation

Explore ideas and opportunities for new streams of revenue. Develop plan for increasing OAC revenue. Keep an eye on grant opportunities.


Ensure existing OAC public/member-facing platforms are working to achieve objectives of the OAC and meet our needs. Explore opportunities for improvements that could support OAC activities like communications and fundraising. Maintain infrastructure (website, mailing lists/mailchimp, Google Apps).

Outward-Facing Committees


Invites potential volunteers to serve with the OAC at a Board, committee, or events level.


Develops communications strategy and ensures that resources are available to execute the strategy. (Resources include volunteers and digital assets.)

  • oac-socialmedia subcommittee operates at a tactical level and approves postings

Recruitment and Event Engagement

Evaluate current membership engagement experience and develop improvements, working with oac-socialmedia to implement. Evaluate current event experiences and develop improvements. Coordinate OAC promotional experience (swag, displays, giveaways, staff training, etc). Explore (with oac-tech) how to optimize member engagement with tech solutions. Evaluate membership structure & suggest plan to board for new, revenue generating structure (with oac-revenue).

Board-level Volunteers

Volunteer recruitment, onboarding, retention. Develop plan to utilize volunteers. Maintains volunteer skills listings in CiviCRM.

Event-level Volunteers

Executes crag ambassador program. Tracks roster of event volunteers.


Work with gyms & guiding community to build gym-to-crag programming. Explore mentorship models and develop pilot programs. 

Crag Stewardship

Seek out opportunities to further develop stewardship programing for crags and trails. Implement emergency management planning and placements at crags.


The OAC runs a number of events every year and welcomes help with event planning.

  • Rattlesnake Event/Annual General Meeting
  • Beaver Valley Climbing Festival


These committees coordinate relationships with land managers and track the status of various properties.

  • Rockwood
  • Lion’s Head
  • TV Tower
  • Niagara Glen
  • Campden
  • Conservation Halton
  • Bon Echo
  • Bow Lake

Event Volunteers

We are also always looking to expand our roster of event volunteers; email to offer your help.