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Emergency Info

As climbers, we are often the first to arrive at cliff-related incidents. Consider training in Wilderness First Aid: some of our cliffs are remote, and emergency responders will certainly take longer to arrive on scene than in the city. Here’s what to tell the emergency responders.

Information courtesy of Gus Alexandropoulos and Justin Dwyer, from Ontario Climbing Volume 1: The Southern Escarpment, and Ontario Climbing Volume 2: The Northern Escarpment.

What to do:

Call 911.
State your location based on street address (see below).
Ideally, send someone to meet EMS responders at the trailhead.

Otherwise, give clear hiking directions to your location.

Southern Escarpment

Parking locations:
Niagara Glen3050 Niagara Pkwy, Niagara Falls, Canada
Campden Crag — end of the road north of 3877 Campden Rd, Lincoln (or Campden) (L0R 1G0)
Mount Nemo5317 Guelph Line (Guelph Line and Colling Rd), Burlington
Rattlesnake Point7200 Appleby Line, Milton
Kelso5234 Kelso Rd, Milton
Cow Crag — cul-de-sac north of 9640 Dublin Line, Milton
Other locations — Note the address where you parked!

Northern Escarpment

Parking locations:

Devil’s Glen — [Safety Plan] Trailhead roughly across from 1416 County Rd 124, Singhampton
Metcalfe415477 10th line, The Blue Mountains
The Swamp495445 Grey County Rd 2, The Blue Mountains
Old Baldy120 Old Baldy Access, Grey Highlands
Cape CrokerCape Croker Park, 112 Park Rd, Wiarton, ON N0H 2T0
Lion’s Head — Trailhead across from 128 Moore St, Lion’s Head, ON
White Bluff — Beach trailhead beside 100 Whippoorwill Rd, Lion’s Head, ON
Other locations — Note the address where you parked!
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