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The Ontario Alliance of Climbers works hard to address climbing access issues and promote the sport as an environmentally sustainable outdoor activity.  Since incorporation in 2009 as a volunteer, not-for-profit advocacy group the OAC has made some great strides forward for climbing access.  Some of the key milestones the OAC has accomplished are:

Winter 2011/2012

  • Design posters promoting access awareness for print and distribution to climbing gyms and other key businesses.
  • With donations of images from climbing community photographers, the first OAC Ontario crags calendar was created and sold. The calendars quickly sold in just a few weeks and raises hundreds of dollars for access efforts.
  • Old Baldy retro bolting project reaches near completion with hundreds of aging pieces of fixed hardware having been replaced by volunteers with new hardware donated by MEC
  • The OAC attends the Reel Rock film tour at True North Climbing and speaks to hundreds of attendees regarding access.

Fall 2011

  • After near closure in 2009, the OAC establishes a formal access agreement to Niagara Glen bouldering area with Niagara Parks Commission. The OAC continues to work with the NPC to improve and refine the plan
  • The OAC hosts “the Scene” movie premier and presents current access issue to over 100 attendees
    Crag status listing updated again to reflect information collected directly from Ontario land managers
  • OAC volunteers present climbing as an environmentally sustainable activity to the Niagara Escarpment Parks and Opens Spaces Council
  • OAC volunteers meet with Devil’s Glen Provincial Park (recreation class) to discuss current access, climbing development, and open dialogue with the park
  • The OAC is invited to participate in formal park planning activities for Bruce Peninsula National Park. A photo of boulderers is featured on the cover of the planning brochure delivered to stakeholders. This includes every home on the Bruce Peninsula.
  • OAC Volunteer interviewed by “The Niagara Falls Review” regading climbing access in Niagara Glen
  • Borden Ladner Gervais LLP signs on to provide pro bono legal council to the OAC.
  • OAC wins sponsorship from the Access Fund to attend the National Access Stewardship summit conference in Colorado

Summer 2011

  • Through Globe & Mail newspaper an article is published promoting bouldering at Halfway Log Dump as sustainable outdoor recreation activity. The article promotes bouldering, the goals of BPNP/Parks Canada and the OAC.
  • Crag status listing updated to reflect information collected directly from Ontario land managers
    OAC concludes the the 3rd annual climbers survey. Data collected clearly shows support for the OAC actively working to improve climber safety. Data is used in discussions and presentations to land managers throughout the year.
  • OAC establishes relationship with the MNR and Ontario Parks escarpment planning.
  • OAC launches online membership enrolment, online corporate membership enrolment and online volunteer signup

Spring 2011

  • Update HWLD guidebook, continue Site Host program and continue working closely with BPNP
    OAC launches new website to provide easier access to information and improve the experience of visitors
  • True North climbing hosts the OAC annual general meeting.
  • OAC and Free Spirit tours host the “clean and climb” event at Metcalfe rock
  • OAC volunteer Harry Hoediono and ACC member Kit Moore win the 29th annual Conservation Halton awards of excellence.

Winter 2010/2011

  • Re-instate Earth Day at Halton and commit to multi-year plan for invasive species removal of mustard garlic.
  • The OAC issues the 3rd annual climbers survey
  • OAC launches Facebook group page as another avenue to keep the climbing community updated
  • OAC volunteers present qualitative research study at the Niagara Escarpment Commission Conference bringing to the attention of land managers the intrinsic value of bouldering to participants.

Fall 2010

  • OAC, MEC, and Grey Sauble Conservation Authority facilitate replacement of fixed hardware at Old Baldy Conservation area. This project will significantly improve climbing safety at the area.
  • OAC participates in the Bruce Peninsula Outdoor Festival by the Bruce Trail Conservancy, and formally promotes bouldering as an activity to the public.

Summer 2010

  • OAC and Bruce Peninsula National Park establish ‘Site Host program’ at Halfway Log Dump to promote stewardship at the bouldering area.
  • OAC releases climber survey results from 2009 and makes aggregate data available to Land Managers specific to the areas they manage.

Spring 2010

  • OAC supports Conservation Halton’s bolting project at Rattlesnake Point and Buffalo Crag. New safety anchors minimize environmental impact and increase climber safety.
  • Formal bouldering access agreement reached with Bruce Peninsula National Park. Halfway Log Dump re-opens to boulderers. A formal environmental monitoring plan is setup.
  • OAC creates a free, interpretive guidebook for bouldering at Halfway Log Dump available for download on its site. The guidebook promotes environmental stewardship and creates awareness about endangered species.

Winter 2009/2010

  • Niagara Parks Commission listens to OAC-driven survey (with over 1000 replies) and reverses recommendation to close the Niagara Glen to bouldering.
  • OAC puts in place Interim Guidelines for Bouldering at Niagara Glen. Niagara Parks invites OAC to provide feedback for the formal management planning process.

Spring 2009

  • OAC supports Conservation Halton’s bolting project at Rattlesnake Point and Buffalo Crag. New safety anchors minimze environmental impact and increase climber safety.
  • OAC begins offering Individual & Corporate memberships
  • OAC hosts Earth Day clean up at Rattlesnake Point Conservation area. Over 150 climbers attend up to help environmental stewardship
  • OAC begins the Activity Assessment process with Parks Canada to determine feasibility of re-opening bouldering to Halfway Log Dump Bruce Peninsula National Park.

Winter/Spring 2009

  • Incorporation of the OAC as a company as a result of a grant from Mountain Equipment Co-op
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