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Our History


  • Pandemic management.
  • Events: Rattlesnake Spring Fling.
  • Establishment of ongoing relations with Ontario Parks.


  • Pandemic management.
  • Re-opening of The Turtle and implementation of Permit and Registration Program.
  • Continuation of Metcalfe portapotty program.


  • Pandemic management.
  • Metcalfe toilets installed by OAC.
  • Niagara Glen graffiti removal.
  • Events: Rattlesnake Spring Fling, Beaver Valley Climbing Festival.
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives.


  • Niagara Glen: reopening of closed areas, cleanups, graffiti removal.
  • Rattlesnake Bolting Project.
  • The Turtle cooling off period.
  • Events: BVCF (#6), SO Ice Festival, Dawn Wall fundraising event, Camista film event.
  • Rebranded as Ontario Alliance of Climbers.
  • Gym to Crag initiative with local guides.
  • Continued increasing growth in Facebook group and Instagram.
  • Participated in Ontario Trails Coordinating Committee.


  • Organized events: Beaver Valley Climbing Festival, Southern Ontario Ice Festival, Dirtbag screening, Niagara Glen Earth Day, Conservation Halton Crag Stewardship Day.
  • Increased updates of OAC Facebook page.
  • Participated in Ontario Trails Coordinating Committee, Building the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve, Centre for Applied Science in Protected Areas Conference Presentation (including tour of The Swamp).
  • Hired contract staff.


  • New Niagara Escarpment Plan explicitly permits climbing where a management plan exists, following strong climber participation in public consultation.
  • Launch of new, modern website.
  • OAC continues engagement with land managers at forums, for example providing a climbing demonstration at the Swamp.


  • First OAC-organized Beaver Valley Climbing Festival (4th BVCF in total).
  • Cape Croker and Tiffany Falls re-open to climbing.
  • Continued attendance at Ontario Rock Climbing and Bouldering Forums.
  • Launch of OAC Approved Program.


  • OAC represented climbers at first Ontario Rock Climbing and Bouldering Forum with land managers and other stake holders.
  • Launch of the Gym Representative program.


  • OAC presents a $130,000 cheque to the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority (GSCA) for the purchase of a land parcel located at the base of Old Baldy Conservation Area, securing climbing access to Old Baldy for many years to come. The purchase was made possible by MEC, The Bruce Trail Conservancy, ACC Toronto and ACC National, The Nature League, and individual donors.
  • Completion of the joint OAC/Ministry of Natural Resources environmental study of the Swamp. This study gets us closer to a creating a formal access arrangement for The Swamp. The results of the study will also help with negotiations at other areas.


  • A land parcel is put up for sale at the base of the Old Baldy cliff side, threatening access to the climbing area. Old Baldy land purchase fundraising drive begins.


  • OAC volunteers organized and hosted the first OAC “Discussion Series” aimed to educate climbers about access issues by bringing them together with Land Managers to learn and share.
  • Old Baldy retrobolting project replaces hundreds of aging pieces of fixed hardware. Labour provided by volunteers and new hardware donated by MEC.
  • First OAC calendar for sale.


  • OAC volunteers meet with Devil’s Glen Provincial Park (recreation class) to discuss access, climbing development, and open dialogue with the park.
  • The OAC participates in formal park planning activities for Bruce Peninsula National Park.
  • OAC wins sponsorship from the Access Fund to attend the National Access Stewardship summit conference in Colorado.
  • OAC establishes relationship with the MNR and Ontario Parks Escarpment planning.
  • The Niagara Parks Commission officially introduces bouldering as a permissible activity at Niagara Glen.
  • OAC volunteers present qualitative research study at the Niagara Escarpment Commission Conference bringing to the attention of land managers the intrinsic value of bouldering to participants.


  • OAC, MEC, and Grey Sauble Conservation Authority facilitate replacement of fixed hardware at Old Baldy Conservation area.
  • OAC and Bruce Peninsula National Park establish ‘Site Host program’ at Halfway Log Dump to promote stewardship at the bouldering area.
  • OAC creates a free interpretive guidebook for bouldering at Halfway Log Dump available for download on its site. The guidebook promotes environmental stewardship and creates awareness about endangered species.
  • Formal bouldering access agreement reached with Bruce Peninsula National Park. Halfway Log Dump re-opens to boulderers. A formal environmental monitoring plan is setup.
  • Niagara Parks Commission listens to OAC-driven survey (with over 1000 replies) and reverses recommendation to close the Niagara Glen to bouldering.


  • OAC supports Conservation Halton’s anchor installation project at Rattlesnake Point and Buffalo Crag.
  • First annual Earth Day clean up at Rattlesnake Point (now known as crag Stewardship day).
  • Incorporates as a non-profit organization as a result of a grant from MEC.